Mark McGrouther


Fish Collection Manager

Australian Museum

Mark McGrouther started work at the Australian Museum in the Crustacea Section in 1981. Over the next twelve months he worked in several different departments including Ichthyology. In 1982 he was employed as a technical officer in the Ichthyology Section and in 1987 he was appointed as Ichthology Collection Manager, a position he has held ever since. Throughout Mark’s time at the Australian Museum he has both organised and participated in over 30 collecting trips and expeditions within Australia and throughout the Pacific. He has published written articles for both popular and scientific publications with a focus on Ghost Flatheads (family Hoplichthyidae). In more recent years his publication efforts have focused on the museum website

What do you hope to achieve on this expedition to the Kermadecs?

I am sure that we will obtain an excellent knowledge of some elements of the underwater fauna of the Kermadec Islands.

What skills are you bringing to the team on this expedition?

My work on the Australian Museum’s website over the years have given me an ‘outward focus’.  I am always looking for ways to make information available to scientists but also to the wider community.

When you’re not on an expedition what does a “day at work” look like for you?

Surprisingly much of my time is spent behind a keyboard. I supply data to people, answer enquiries, work on our database and increasingly in recent years work on the Australian Museum’s fish website.  I still work with specimens in the collection regularly but find that other pressures make my time in the collection increasingly precious.