Raoul Island Whale Watching – fluke shot from shore

While the expedition team has been active at sea – great to see the results coming through – those of us on shore have been entertained daily and nightly by the whale action offshore. We can see and hear them from the DOC hostel and the flagpole on Fleetwood Bluff, their blows very audible when close, and like gunshots when breaching, and tail and fin slapping.

Mark and I are just back from three days at Boat Cove on the south coast checking out seabird activity, in particular searching for Kermadec Petrel chicks which we’ve been finding amongst low scrub and rushes amongst the rocks just above the shoreline. While we were searching at Nash Point two whales passed us by about 30m out from the rocks. Amazing to see, but they weren’t finished. We were having lunch before tackling the grind back up the slope to the summit of the headland when we saw them coming back this time even closer to shore. We scrambled for our cameras and managed to get a fluke shot for the team!

While searching for searching for Kermadec Petrel chicks on Raoul Island, Chris and Mark managed this "fluke" shot of a whale during their lunch break.

Another whale memory amongst many from our time at Boat Cove is of a pair of humpbacks cruising at speed at the surface with a small pod of dolphins bow-riding and playing in front of them!

By Chris Gaskin

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