Mapping the humpback whale trail

Many of the whales are now well on their way to their Antarctic feeding grounds.

Here is the most recent map of the progress of whales on The Great Humpback Whale Trail. As you can see, many of the whales are now well on their way to their Antarctic feeding grounds. We received data from the majority of the tags, with a few others giving intermittent signals – this is encouraging as almost all tags are now transmitting location information. We were thrilled to see that almost all whales swam a pathway down through the Kermadec Island chain before heading in a more southeasterly direction.

We will track their progress over the next weeks and months with much interest. The new team will now be at Raoul and hopefully collecting more fluke photo-identification images and the Raoulies are about to send some photos through as well. Lots of important pieces of information to help us understand where our northernmost New Zealand whales come from and where they go to.

By Rochelle Constantine

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One Response to “Mapping the humpback whale trail”

  1. Alistair Peach

    I notice the whales heading towards Louisville Ridge. This is something I observed on many occasions travelling to and from that structure. Somewhere amongst my data base I have positions and dates of those signings. I did send an earlier message about a whale you sighted [with rope] there is a gyre to the north / west of the Bengal bank that has a lot of this detritus. I observed this when I was doing a Convict Groper survey in 1998 in Kermadec region.


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