We’re going back to the Kermadecs – and you’re invited

In 2011 we set off on a major biodiscovery expedition to the Kermadec Islands – some of you followed our discoveries via this blog and we’d like to invite you back to the Kermadecs.

Dr Tom Trnski, Head of Natural Science and Curator of Fishes, Auckland Museum

Dr Tom Trnski, Head of Natural Science and Curator of Fishes, Auckland Museum

Two berths have become available on our favourite vessel The Braveheart and so we’re packing our kit and getting ready to leave this Monday – yes, in a mere three days. It’s a familiar packing list only slightly smaller given there’s only two of us and we’re spending just under a week at Raoul Island – the largest of the thirteen volcanic islands in the Kermadec group.

Packing our kit and getting ready to board The Braveheart for the Kermadecs.

Since completing our last expedition a little over two years we’ve been learning more about the marine life we discovered on that incredible voyage and now we need to gather a few more samples to fill in the gaps in our records.

I’ve got a list of requests from museum colleagues and other scientists for that elusive specimen or observation that could help shape their research and give them the answers they’re after. A couple of examples of this include a better look at these shrimp and more data to help understand the role of the Kermadec Islands in the dispersal patterns of various marine species.

We don’t have a huge amount of time – we’ll only have six days at Raoul – but we’ll be working hard to get it all done. It’s incredible to have this opportunity to go back to the Kermadec Islands.

One of the things I’m really excited about is that my expedition partner is renowned underwater videographer Steve Hathaway so we’ll be sending back little clips of what we’re getting up to and glimpses of the amazing underwater world at the Kermadec Islands.

Hope you can join us.

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3 Responses to “We’re going back to the Kermadecs – and you’re invited”

  1. Patricia Hammond

    Good luck for your trip. Will be looking forward to seeing the photos and reading your reports. May the weather be kind to you – and who knows – maybe an underwater volcano eruption just to make things really interesting!

  2. Paul Scott

    Wishing you both a very safe & successful voyage.
    How many hours do you think you will be spending underwater buddy team Trnski & Hathaway?

  3. Paul Scott

    Hi Tom, Hi Steve,
    My Year 9 students (who have just come back from a camp on Slipper Island where they tried scuba and snorkelling!) were interested in learning about your expedition. A few questions from them:

    1. Do you think you found any new species to science on this trip?
    2. Does anyone tag the SBG (or any other species) so that you know for sure that they are the same ones that you see on return journeys?
    3. Do you think illegal fishing goes on in the reserve?
    4. How expensive is your underwater camera? Where and when can we see some more videos?
    5. How close did the sharks come to you, were you nervous?
    6. What was your deepest dive?
    7. What were the other people on your boat doing on the trip?
    8. Was the food on the boat good?


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