Pristine, abundant, unique – and ours to treasure

We’ve made it back from an incredible week in the Kermadecs. While we there we found a new record for the Kermadecs - a soldierfish (there’ll be more details to follow in time on the blog), checked in on discoveries from our previous 2011 expedition (such as the zebra lionfish which was also a new record for the Kermadecs) and filled in some of the blanks in our research and records for the area.

Discovery: this soldierfish was is a new record for the Kermadec Islands

This soldierfish is a new record for the Kermadec Islands - a discovery we made on this trip

Zebra lionfish - a new record for the Kermadec Islands discovered in 2011

Zebra lionfish - a new record for the Kermadec Islands discovered on our previous expedition in 2011

During the expedition I’ve shared my thoughts about how important this protected marine environment is and what a privilege it is to spend time there but I want to leave the final words to Steve Hathaway, the videographer that made it possible for you to see what we were seeing.

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3 Responses to “Pristine, abundant, unique – and ours to treasure”

  1. Michel Legault

    What a nice trip, you are doing a wonderful Job!

    Thanks from Québec

  2. Ria

    Thanks so much for sharing, i have really enjoyed the blogs and especially loved the sharks :)

  3. Dennis Sargent

    Dear Dr. Trnski,

    Have you ever come across living specimens of Euprotomus kiwi? We have yet to see the living animal. It was a little stretch describing the species without the field work but it is holding its own. The Strombidae specialist group recognizes it, but a few Europeans are still not happy.

    I will be in Sydney next month viewing their specimens of Euprotomus vomer from the southernmost extension of their range. We will also be photographing specimens and habitat all along the eastern coast for a book on the Strombidae.

    We hope to visit New Zealand again. It was by far one of the nicest places that we have visited.

    Best of luck with the expedition.

    Dennis Sargent


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