2013 Expedition Overview

2013 Return to Raoul

Building on the success of our 2011 expedition we are returning to the Kermadec Islands with a focus on Raoul Island – the largest of the thirteen volcanic islands in the group.

For the past two years we’ve been learning more about the marine life we discovered in our first major biodiscovery expedition and now we need to gather a few more samples to fill in the gaps in our records. Some of the requests from scientists at other organisations include a better look at these shrimp [link to Richard Robinson's photo] and more data to help understand the role of the Kermadec Islands in the dispersal patterns of various marine species.

It’s going to be a very busy expedition. Time is short – we’ll only have six days at Raoul – and we’re just a small team of two but it is very exciting to have a renowned underwater videographer as part of the team so we can provide a window into this pristine world.

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