Back on the mainland

The Great Humpback Whale Trail team is now safely back on the mainland after 13 days of very successful fieldwork. Videographer Steve Hathaway has prepared a short video of some of the highlights of our work at Raoul – many thanks for this Steve! We will continue to post updates about the movements of tagged whales as we follow their satellite tracks southwards.

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4 Responses to “Back on the mainland”

  1. Judith Curran

    Lovely footage Steve!. What an epic trip. Hoping ours comes back with lots more gorgeous footage.

  2. Patricia Hammond

    Whoah that was amazing that video clip! Would love to see more. Where was the ship wreck and do you know more about it- like name of ship,date of “accident” And to see those birds feeding on the decomposed whale, and then another whale coming in and having a “nibble” too — amazing. Thanks for sharing

    • admin

      It was the Japanese fishing vessel Kinei Maru 10 which beached in calm weather on Denholm bay in 1986. The result of the negligence of the Master and Chief Officer, as they didn’t plot their course. There’s a great account of it in Steven Gentry’s book ‘Raoul and the Kermadecs’.

  3. Patricia Hammond

    Thanks – amazing how it had deteriorated in such a short time. Oh well I suppose it is nearly 30 years isnt it!!!


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