Another day and another group of islands

Today we woke to fair weather and the white cliffs and lava flows that surround Macauley Island. After yesterday’s shake down dives, today was the day for the film team and the science team to hit top gear. Boats raced back and forth from the island to the boat and divers shared stories of sights seen.

The day included pairs of loved-up black groupers and the odd black grouper with no understanding of “personal space”. Several divers, focusing on their work, experienced that disconcerting feeling of something big rubbing against their legs only to find a friendly Black Grouper making eyes at them.

Phil has a close encounter with an friendly grouper. Can’t see it? Check between his legs!

The corals also began to show their full glory; and in some places, corals the size of dinner tables provided homes for tropical fishes, including Lionfish and Lord Howe Coral Fish. We marvelled at the sight of a friendly turtle basking in shallow water near the rocky Macauley Island. Sam was particularly excited on sighting his first sponge of the expedition. All of this action and activity was set amongst the constant sound of whale song and boobies arguing on the coastal cliffs.

The dive team conducting subtidal surveys on the northwest coast of Macauley Island.

Tonight, in the safe hands of the crew of the Braveheart, we will make the journey to the Kermadec archipelago’s largest and northern most island – Raoul Island – for breakfast.

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One Response to “Another day and another group of islands”

  1. Jenn Ross

    Your new office looks like it is missing the usual debris… Good to see you’re all working hard and getting love from the locals.


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