Temperate & tropical: the allure of the Kermadecs

If a diver was dropped in the Kermadec Islands with no information about their location and then asked to figure out where in the world they were, it would be a real challenge. Tropical or temperate waters? The marine life speaks to a magical mix of both.

Hawkfish - one of the tropical inhabitants of the Kermadec Islands

Hawkfish - one of the tropical inhabitants of the Kermadec Islands

As a reminder of the incredible diversity of marine life in these waters – on our last expedition in 2011 we identified over 130 species of which 17 were new records for the Kermadecs.

Today’s video blog reveals some of the other fish and marine life we’ve spotted on our dives and offers another quick look at a couple of those impressive top predators that call this place home.

We’ve farewelled Raoul now and begun the return journey but stay with us as we’ve made a stop at a rarely visited dive spot and we’ll share that footage with you tomorrow.

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3 Responses to “Temperate & tropical: the allure of the Kermadecs”

  1. Tim Muhundan

    Thanks Tom for keeping us up to date over the last five days. That dive footage from Steve is just gorgeous. Have a safe journey back, you Steve and the rest of the crew.

    • Dr Tom Trnski

      Thanks Mark. We’ve made it safely home – beat the worst of the conditions. Very lucky to have the opportunity to be there again.


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